Sanjay Adhia, MD, MRO

Dr. Adhia is triple-Board-Certified in Forensic Psychiatry, Brain Injury Medicine, and Psychiatry. He assesses emotional distress and mental health injuries as well as brain injury concerns. Triggers considered are personal injury, undue influence, changed competency, medical malpractice, physical and emotional abuse, violence, and criminal behavior.

Dr. Adhia is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at TIRR Memorial Hermann where his clinical focus is treating the neuropsychiatric complications of brain injury, stroke, and spinal cord injury. He also treats those with psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders at Avenue 360 which is a Federally Qualified Health Center. Previously he served as the Medical Director of PACE Mental Health where he treated those with psychiatric disorders, Opioid Dependence, and other addictions.

Dr. Adhia has clinical experience in high-risk and security-sensitive settings, maximum-security prisons and correctional psychiatric hospitals, inmates on Death Row and segregated in Isolation. Dr. Adhia also volunteers with Physicians for Human Rights - Asylum Network and Daya Houston, conducting forensic assessments of victims of kidnapping and false imprisonment, human trafficking, undue influence, physical and sexual abuse, and rape.

Dr. Adhia is skilled in evaluating PTSD, Anxiety and Depressive Disorders, risk of suicide, and malingering. He is experienced in the impact of drug and alcohol abuse on decision-making. In psychiatric hospitals, Dr. Adhia treats psychosis: Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders (hallucinations, delusions.)

Dr. Adhia is a certified Medical Review Officer. This represents expertise in the toxicology and pharmacology of drug testing is of importance in DUI, DWI, Date Rape Drug (DFSA), and other cases involving the question of intoxication.

Dr. Adhia’s findings consider complicating factors, such as emotional distress worsened by physical and emotional isolation from family and support (e.g., prisoner or elder.) Pre-existing mental and physical illness, competency, and capacity (e.g. dementia, Intellectual Disability), and medication or addiction may also be relevant to his opinions.

Dr. Adhia opines about medical malpractice and standard of care, including in government-regulated and institutional settings.

Dr. Adhia conducts Independent Medical Examinations and reviews of records, issuing his med-legal findings by the report, testimony, or private consultation. Dr. Adhia is available to testify as an expert witness in civil, criminal, military, probate, Federal, Immigration, and other jurisdictions.

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